Famous Nameless Choir
Famous Nameless Flute Choir - 1st Prize at VOCE 2020.
2nd Prize at US Open International Music Competition 2020.
3rd Place at Greatest Composers Series Beethoven Edition 2020.
Beethoven International Competition 2020
GYF Famous Nameless Flute Choir won the 3rd place at Beethoven International Competition
US Open Competition 2020
GYF Flute Choir - Second Place Winner.
Blue Jays Flute Choir
Blue Jays were performing National Anthem at Santa Clara University for Santa Clara Broncos vs SJSU Spartans.
Glory Competition 2020
Emma Liu - 3rd Prize Winner
Petr Tupitsyn - 2nd Prize Winner,
Sasha Bahdanava - 2nd Prize Winner,
Q-Tang Huynh - Honorable Mention.
Navaroli Young Musician Competition 2020
Issabella Romo - 2nd place at Navaroli Young Musician Competition.
US Open Competition 2020
Ashna Arya - 1st Place Winner in Senior Instrumental Division
US Open Competition 2020
Karolyn Cheng - 2nd Place Winner in Junior Instrumental Division.
US Open Competition 2020
Petr Tupitsyn - 3rd Place Winner 2020 in Junior Instrumental Division.
US Open Competition 2020
Sasha Bahdanava - 4th Place Winner in Junior Instrumental Division.
US Open Competition 2018
Petr Tupitsyn. 4th Place Winner 2018 in Junior Instrumental Division.
BAMA International Music Competition 2017
Ankitha Girish - 1st prize, Gold medal in Junior Division
Shruti Pai - Silver Medal in Senior Division
US Open Competition 2016
Peter Pacha - 4th Place Winner in Junior Instrumentalist Division.
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