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Make Your Own Instrument.

June 21st - 25th 10am-3:30pm 5-8 years old

Extended Care. 3:30-5pm

Musical Time Machine Week 1. I'll be Bach.

July 12th - 16th 10am-3:30pm 8-13 years old 

Extended Care. 3:30-5pm

Musical Time Machine 2.

Looking through Philipp Glass.

July 19th - 23rd 10am-3:30pm  8-13 years old 

Extended Care. 3:30-5pm

Orchestra Frenzy. 2+ years of experience 

July 26th - 30th 10am-5:00pm 11-15 years old 

Summer Rock Band. Some experience needed. 

Aug 2nd  - 6th 10am-3:30pm 9-12 years old

Extended Care 3:30-5pm 

Music summer camp
Ice Cream

The great Greek philosopher, Plato said that he would " teach all children physics, philosophy, and music, but most importantly - MUSIC,  for the patterns in music and all the arts are the keys to learning!"

We, at the Orange Music Studio, are following that smart advice! Our summer programs are designed to teach children through immersion and first-hand experience. 

All camps will be focused on making and learning music. 

June 21st-25th. Make Your Own Music Instrument. 5-8 years old. 

(no music experience is necessary) 

Great music introductory camp for the young curious minds. From making their own instruments to composing their own music- kids will have a lot of fun while learning music basics.


Here is what your day will look like

10:00 Drop off

10:15 Breathing yoga, meditation, manifestation of the day 

10:45 Music history/theory/ensemble class 

11:30 Break/snack

11:45 Solfegge class

12:15 Lunch/Library Time

1:00 Musical Craft 

2:00 Active Games Outside 

2:45 Story Time/Talent show/ Karaoke Party

3:30 Pick up

Extended care: Board games, music related movies 

Flute out of the carrot and garden hose turned horn - fun games, arts and crafts - Make Your Own Music Instrument Summer Camp! Best for 5-8 years old. No prior music experience is necessary.



July 12th-16th. Musical Time Machine 1. I'll be Bach.  

July 19th-23rd. Musical Time Machine 2. Looking through Philipp Glass. 8-13 years old.


(ability to play a musical instrument or desire to learn) 

Partake in our two weeks-long journey through history, geography, art and music of 4 different eras: Baroque, Classical, Romantic and Modern. 

Kids will find themselves completely immersed into each of those atmospheres. Through music, art, history and geography, your children will learn about the times of Bach, Mozart, Gershwin and Debussy. We will play the music of those times and compose our own - all instruments are welcome. 

Here is what your day will look like

10:00 Drop off 

10:15 Breathing yoga, meditation, a manifestation of the day. 

10:45 Music History/Theory class 

11:30 Rehearsal

12:45 Lunch (outside) 

1:30 Art Project (outdoors for the second week) 

2:15 Story Time/Talent Show/Karaoke Party

3:00 Active Games outside. 

3:30 Pick up

Extended care: Board games, music related movies 

From dancing the minutes to re-creating Jackson Pollock's masterpieces - no moment of Musical Time Machine Summer camp has ever been dull. No music experience is necessary. Choose your dates or sign up for both weeks and get a discount!


July 25th-30th. Orchestra Frenzy. 11-15 years old. 2+ years of instrument playing.

Join our founder and the conductor of various competition-winning youth ensembles, Gala Yaroshevsky for a week of learning with a  true pro. Your kids will be completely immersed in the creative process of putting together a show.  A whole week full of vigorous rehearsals, innovative approaches, compelling pieces will have a grand finale, that will conclude everyone's work.  All orchestra instruments are welcome, we will also be happy to include drums, guitars, saxophones, and keyboards. 

This is what your day might look like

10:00 Drop off

10:15 Breathing yoga, meditation, manifestation of the day 

10:45 First Rehearsal 

12:30 Lunch

1:15 Masterclass, lecture, workshop

2:30 Second rehearsal 

4:00 Talent show, Karaoke Party, Movie club. 

5:00 Pick up 

Aug 2nd-6th. Rock Band Summer Camp. 9-12 years old.


Rock with us this summer. If you play guitar, drums, keyboard or maybe you sing  -  you will enjoy our Summer Rock Band!  We have all the necessary equipment for you to play rock star for a week. Create your own band, design a logo, write a song and play your first show! You'll get a crash course in the History of Rock'n'Roll and meet amazing musicians. 

*** You can request a full refund of your summer camp tuition for 48 hours after the initial sale.

50% refund will be issued up to two weeks before the start date of the camp.

The camp tuition is not refundable past that date.