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At Orange Music Studio, we’re proud to teach and lecture popular courses across all levels. Over the years, we have helped students of all ages boost their education and surpass their academic goals. Scroll below to review all our available courses.

Group Lessons: Courses
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1st year of learning.

Regardless of what instrument you choose to learn, or maybe you are a singer - the most fun you will be having making music with friends! Trust us! We know! Groups are 3-5 people. Friends and siblings are welcome! Simply let us know of your interest in joining the program and we will have a perfect match for you!


1st year of learning. Music Appreciation.

Not many schools offer this, but we do! And often for FREE! A music theory class that is anything but boring! Learn how the instruments are made, when the notation was invented, who created the system we use now?! Lessons are twice a month online. Our philosophy is well-rounded musical education, and that starts from the very first lesson. 


2nd+ year of learning

All instruments, winds and strings, percussion, and even piano! Fun arrangements of popular classical and modern tunes! Great way to gain band experience and expand your musical horizons. The teacher is very organized, but sure knows how to keep it light!


2nd+ year of learning.

Variety of music disciplines to choose from! If you are taking an individual class and enrolled in the ensemble - these classes are FREE for you! Music Theory of All Levels: Beginners, Intermediate, Advanced, AP High school course. Music History. Music Analysis, Harmonization, Composition. We will help you choose the right one!


By auditions

Gifted Youth Flute Choir has gained a reputation as one of the most promising youth chamber ensembles in the Bay Area. Winners of multiple competitions, flute choir members,  led by Gala Yaroshevsky,  challenge themselves every year with engaging repertoire and creative video projects. Intermediate and advanced flutists are welcome to apply!


By auditions

Guitar, Piano, Bass, Drums, Saxophone, Vocals - really anything! If you want to be in the Rock Band, we will make it happen. Our existing bands have performed, composed, and recorded together! Check out their music videos below and sign up for auditions! Your Rock Band instructor will teach you so much in such a short time! And she is a Rock Star herself!


By Auditions

Our most ambitious project so far! Marimba/xylophone ensemble. Those unique instruments are like marvelous creatures that we make our mission to nurture! Our instructor is the most passionate and involved teacher you'll meet! Playing a rare instrument paves a smooth road into college!


Drop-In Class

 And finally - laid back as Jazz itself, the "I just feel like playing today" Jazz Jam! Come to as many sessions as you want! Sign up few days in advance and show up to play some jazz standards! Learn how to improvise! Those blues scales are addictive! All instruments are welcome. Your teacher will prepare the handouts for you, which you can reuse many times!  2nd+ year of learning. 

Let us know which programs you're interested in and get a quote

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Here at OMS, we are a hard-working team, with open minds and a passion to share. We are confident but humble. Simply, let us know how we can help

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