“I’m asked this very often. 'Why Orange?' 

It was a spontaneous decision based on the paint color

I chose for my very first studio space 10 years ago.

Orange represents happiness to me. Summer, childhood, outdoors… Kids should learn in a happy environment.”


                     Gala Yaroshevsky

Orange Music Studio, founded in 2006 by Gala Yaroshevsky, is successfully achieving its goal

of creating a safe and nurturing environment for children to learn, thus turning an educational

process into a fun addictive game. 

Students of all levels are motivated, encouraged and rewarded for their efforts, all of which allow them not to only discover and further improve their talents, but also strengthen their self-esteem.

A variety of extracurricular activities allows kids to make new friends, and start their own

community based on teamwork and love for arts.

Our emphasis is on music. Besides the individual lessons for children and adults, Orange Music Studio offers many group lessons for other music disciplines: Solfege, AP Music Theory, Music Appreciation, Choir, Chamber Ensembles.

Students of Orange Music Studio successfully complete annual CM Tests, as well as participate in competitions and youth orchestra auditions.

The teachers of the Orange Music Studio are driven music enthusiasts, dedicated pedagogues and acclaimed musicians themselves.

The instruments include piano, flute, saxophone, guitar, percussions, voice and others.

As a part of the enrichment program Orange Studio offers Art, Language and Chess lessons as well. We believe in the well rounded education.

The group lessons schedule is designed to be customized to the family’s needs, and different lessons could be taken one after another.


Orange Music Studio opens its doors to many guest artists and master teachers. Concerts, lectures, and motivational talks are a part of studio’s regular life.


We thrive to make the difference.


Orange Music Studio, where the Renaissance kids learn.