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As a passionate Music School, we take great pride in every course we teach. We have a highly interactive and engaging teaching style that has made us an extremely popular Music School.

It is a known fact that early music education enhances young children's process of exploring the world and expands their brain capacity. While many parents wait for the kids to grow older to start a musical instrument, science shows that the important developmental changes occur up to the age of 7.   

Here, at OMS we developed many techniques and tactics to keep the little ones engaged, entertained, and musically educated at the same time. You have to try our combo class, where the lesson is split between learning piano and another instrument of choice. The format is easy on the kids, but packs them full of new material! 

Beginners Band is a blast! And "Do-Re-Mi-Fa-Sol" class is an unmatched music appreciation course in the area! 

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Piano is the most popular choice for young children. The instant gratification of making the sound brings joy to the kids and their parents from the very first class. Music notation and rhythms will be taught through games and activities. No need for the real piano - a small electric keyboard will do!

Flute Lessons


Recorder is probably the easiest instrument to master by little hands. Not only will your child learn how to read music, but all those breathing exercises will also strengthen the respiratory system. The recorder also is the first step to learn any wind instrument in the future. Ask about combining it with the piano lesson and get the full benefit!


Another desirable choice is a violin! They come in all sizes and your teacher will recommend the right instrument for you! Our teachers employ different methods and will find the right path for you! A great idea would be to combine it with 15 min of piano lesson to give the kids choices and variety.



Every little kid loves to sing! The teachers will make sure that while learning notes and terms, kids are still having fun, singing their favorite tunes. Before too long they will get to perform at one of our parties, may be even with the band! Another great opportunity to mix it up with 15 min piano instructions to get the full experience.



An absolute champion among our young crowd. This class is perfect for the little ones, that just can't sit still. Make some noise at the studio, but at home, you can quietly practice on an inexpensive drum pad. The teacher will alternate between the drum set and glockenspiel (a mini xylophone) to teach the basics of music notation and develop the pitch.



Everyone wants to play guitar! But what about the ukulele?! It's a perfect first step and ideal for little children. Our patient instructors will show you every step of the way and find great tunes for them to entertain the whole family. Combine it with 15 min piano class and get two for one! Also available as a group class!


Making music with friends is our motto! Beginners Band welcomes all of the instruments and is simply age-based. The teachers will arrange popular tunes in a playable manner for the young students. Learning in a group teaches a unique set of skills - lead and follow, share and compromise. Having fun while playing music is the biggest reward.

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Taught by our founder Gala Yaroshevsky, a well-known music educator in the Bay Area. She shares her deep passion for music and builds a relationship with kids that lasts decades. This online class is a combination of music theory, history, and solfege. Where do instruments come from? How are they made? Who is J.S.Bach? And so much more!



Here at OMS, we are a hard-working team, with open minds and a passion to share. We are confident but humble. Simply, let us know how we can help

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