"I would highly recommend Gala as an outstanding music instructor. As a musician she is personally skilled, with multifaceted experience and knowledge in music. Her lessons are filled with this richness and warmth. She has an endless amount of suggestions that she carefully gives to help improve your playing and understanding of the flute.  She is a gifted and inspirational teacher. She has the unique ability to connect and know just how to guide you and your flute to something better than before.  There is a wonderful feeling when you hear the music you produce with your flute sound better.Then there is how much fun she makes each lesson.  Her well timed humor not only puts you at ease, but somehow magically inspires you to do better. I would have to say one of the special things Gala has taught me is that a good laugh is not only excellent for ones health but also makes for better flute playing. I give her a sincere standing ovation."


Karen Campbell-Rossen


“Gala Yaroshevsky is a charming young woman and a charismatic force in the musical world of San Francisco’s Bay Area.  Her creation of the Orange Studio is a new and vibrant center for learning for young aspiring musicians.  It was such a joy for me to work with some of these talented youngsters recently in a master class at the Studio.  I was inspired by the home-like setting Gala has provided and the rapt attentiveness of the youngsters there.  I sense that Gala's energy, love and joie de vivre have everything to do with this.  To grab kids’ attention by the ear at an early age is so very important and can change their lives for the better in important ways.  To nurture, inspire them and ignite them is our mission as musicians. Gala is doing this brilliantly in her little conservatory in San Jose, California."


"What Gala has created here in San Jose for young musicians - flutists in particular - is wonderful and inspiring to so many. I was very impressed by the number of youngsters who were taking notes <during the master class> and recording the class on their phones. Gala's encouragement in this, and also her getting their parents to attend, is the kind of dedication that can build strong musicians.

Hats off to her!"

Robert Stallman

                         The American flutist and arranger 

"Great place with great atmosphere. Gala makes the impossible. My boy loves to play the flute and goes there for the last two years with joy. Gala's system works, she is the best music teacher I know. The new studio is big and in great location. Thank you Gala for teaching my kid."

Tanya Pozniansky

"I had the most wonderful experience during my time here! Gala is a fantastic teacher with a creative vision. I would highly recommend her to any musician eager to learn a paragraph."

Kai Kwong 

"Highly recommend this studio to all parents!!! Your kids will be taken care of by a very dedicated teachers who love what they do! And learn so much! Stesha went to the summer camp "Catch the Dragon" and what an amazing creativity came out in just one week! Thank you Gala for all your time, love and care!!!"

Natasha Nikolaeva

"Gala Yaroshevsky was my first flute teacher, and one I will always remember. She taught me numerous nuances of the flute, from embouchure and tone color to technique and musicality. But more than that, she is truly the one who developed and nurtured my passion for the flute. Her energy is tangible, her expertise is evident, and her personality is infectious. Anyone who gets the opportunity to work with her, as I had for six years, is incredibly lucky. She makes the cliché  "one in a million" ring true."

Pavitra Rengarajan

"Gala's teaching style a unique and effective one. She combines proffesionalism in flute with a pure and honest approach.By taking classes from her, teenagers dont only learn to play the instrument, they learn life. Gala truly connects with her students, showing talent unacheivable to most teachers. She is unquestionably, one of the best, most intriuging people I've met in  my life."

Elina K. 

"What makes a wonderful teacher? A good teacher is a person who does not only have logical reason in their instruction but are passionate about what they teach. However, truly great teachers do not only love their subject, they love their students and are willing to do anything to help their student be the best that they can be. These teachers inspire. Every student will have had at least one phenomenal teacher in their life, and for me, that teacher is Gala Yaroshevsky, my former flute teacher. When we had lessons, we not only drastically improved my flute skills, but she and I would talk about other things—our passions outside of flute, our hopes and dreams, and little tidbits on our daily lives. I loved our classes because while Miss Gala taught me like a professional, she talked to me like an equal. When I entered that orange-accented music studio I felt that I had entered a place other than my own home where I could really express myself completely both musically and otherwise. Being both writers, she also discussed ideas and characters with me, and, with her encouragement, my writing became something so much more than it was before. During this time, my flute also improved dramatically, morphing from a beginner playing easy pieces to me playing pieces I could really be proud of. In short, Miss Gala influenced my life not only in flute, but she showed me firsthand how a genuinely marvelous teacher could change a student's life​."

May Sun

"Gala, you are the best teacher I have ever had throughout my music career. You didn't just teach me how to play flute, you taught me how to be a musician. Thank you so much for your dedication."

Kenzie Brand

"When I first had lessons with Gala, I couldn´t play the flute at all. After a few lessons ,I could already play some scales in an octave. I soon got some songs and simple etudes to play.Over the 4 years she taught me to play any scale in two to three octaves and sight reading. About twice every year she had a recital.She gave me a different song to play each time and I enjoyed learning them. She never gave me anything to play that would be boring.I consider myself lucky to have found such a good flute-teacher.Without her I wouldn´t play so well as I now do.I thank her for everything she has done for me and her patience with me as a student."

Tomas Martak

"Gala is the best flute teacher you can find. Unlike most flute teachers out there, Gala is dedicated to make you learn to play with feeling and not play like a robot. Even if you're a slacker (like me), she will still try her hardest to make you learn the notes on the page and the emotive content the composer would want to hear. And on top of all that, she's just an amazing person in general. I highly suggest you choose Gala as your flute teacher."

Adam Hadar

"There are a few select attributes which make Gala the excellent flute teacher she is. Her dedication to the the art of playing the flute is highly notable. She has mastered the instrument in each and every aspect and plays with such grace. Her commitment of getting the best out of every student is obvious, as she covers a wide array of musical aspects in her teachings. She emphasizes the basic fundamentals all through so they are imbibed in the flute playing of all her students, as well as the theoretical side of music. Gala also very adeptly trains all of her students to successfully pass the California Merit Music exam with excellent results and high ratings. Finally, she is just a great person to be around, fun to converse with, and never lets a flute lesson get boring. I've learnt from Gala for around 8 years and can honestly say that I've enjoyed my lessons with Gala, and highly recommend learning from her. You will not only receive an excellent musical education but also have a great time each and every flute class."

Sandesh Rallapalli

"Gala has all what it takes to be a great teacher. My son, who was not really fond of music, still always was looking forward the lessons with Gala. I knew that he would not be a musician and Gala was always open with me on that, but at least she found the way to make the experience enjoyable to my son. And that's what made him to put extra effort in homework and in preparing for recitals. I highly praise Gala's ability to work with kids of all ages."

Jonathan Tannah

"I have been Gala’s student since 2010 and though I regretfully do not take any more weekly lessons with her since I have started my voyage to college in 2012, I still consider Gala to be my flute teacher. Whenever anyone asks, “Who is/was your flute teacher?” I am always excited and proud to answer, “Gala Yaroshevsky. I love her! She’s the best!” 

Gala has surpassed the role of any teacher I have had in my entire life. She not only taught me through figurative, detailed description and explanation of how a musical phrase should sound like and how it should be played, but she also gave her most thought out opinions and advice on decisions that had to be made in my life. She teaches her students to give the flute and everything else their one-hundred percent dedication and conviction. Through my time with Gala, I learned to trust every piece of advice she had for me: whether it was how I should play and approach a note to which piece I should play for my next audition or performance. Gala has also always pushed me to be the best musician I could possibly be, always setting feasible goals and assigning me her “newly discovered” flute practices and exercises, while keeping everything exciting, interesting, and most importantly in my opinion, fun.

So to Gala- All I can say is that I wish I could still be taking lessons with you! You are truly the best, and whenever I need guidance on anything flute, music, and life related, I will always go to you as I have in the past! When I think back to memories from high school, I know for a fact that most of my happiest memories were during the times I spent with you. I am excited to start making new memories of us two, despite me being in college now. Thank you for everything and for all your effort and passion you have in your students, in me, and in teaching!"

Kathryn Wolfson

"From individual sessions to group performances, Gala has always been an incredible flute teacher, and more importantly, a wonderful friend. She has continously encouraged me to achieve my highest potential; without her, I would not have grown into the musician or person I am today. I cannot express the amount of admiration and respect I have for her talent and character. Even now while I'm in graduate school, I miss her often. Thank you so much for everything, Gala!"

Alexandra DeGrange

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