Our Teachers

All of the teachers at the Studio are unique individuals. We share similar teaching philosophies and views on children's musical development.


To be a part of our team, we invite people who are energetic, active, innovative in their way of thinking, inspired by music, willing to share, and have a real affection and empathy for children.

Our teachers are professional musicians with degrees in either Performance Arts or Music Education.

Many of them are certified by Music Teacher Association of California.

While we conduct our interactions with students in a very friendly and compassionate way, each lesson is structured and consists of three different parts: checking the homework, working on the repertoire, assigning the new homework. The detailed homework is given every week and reasonable expectations are set.  The teacher provides the time log each week for the student to record their progress.  

The studio’s inspiring reward system is encouraging students to be consistent and regular with their home practice, which secures their steady growth as musicians.


The first trial lesson, individual or group, is always free of charge. And we encourage anyone who is interested in music lessons for their children or themselves, to take advantage of that offer and just come to the studio. The atmosphere of our place will speak for itself, making it very apparent how welcoming and comfortable we want our studio to be for you.