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Introduction to Music

Introduction to Music

July 10th-14th 10am-3:30PM

If you are new to music or are even interested in picking up an instrument for the first time this is the week is for you! Oftentimes, one of the best ways to get inspired to pick up an instrument is to learn and play music with friends. That's why we are starting off our magical music school with an muwsical introduction week. If you have a young child who has always wanted to become a musician, sign up today for our musical summer camp week full of music, games, friends, and FUN! 


Every day we will

  • Start our day with stretching and breathing

  • Learn about different musical instruments and make our own

  • Play outside

  • Have group music lessons

  • Have healthy snacks


During the week we will also

  • Have a water balloon fight

  • Sing at a karaoke party 

  • Watch a movie

  • Receive a visit from a secret guest 

  • Learn a skeleton dance 


By the end of the camp, we will

  • Have different handmade musical instruments to take home

  • Invite parents for a very special performance

  • Learn about classical composers

  • Make lots of new friends


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