New Year Resolutions!

Updated: Jan 11

Start the New Year with Music Lessons!

1. Keep moving forward!

As I'm trying to sum up all of the things that I would like to start doing from that magical mark of January 1st, where supposedly things have a better chance of turning around - it comes to the same thing - keep moving forward! (I'm a master of long sentences, who is addicted to dashes.)

2020 didn't bring much joy. What a waste of a beautiful digit combination. But that little joy that it did bring, whenever it could - was truly cherished. 2020 was rude. Exposed so many things about people and concepts in such a painful "rip the band-aid" kind of way.

For me, the concept of "working hard" had redefined. And that's when I chose to move forwards. Life will last as long as it will. But somehow not moving forward seems closer to the end.

My resolutions this year will not include a lot of "I will start", but more "I will keep".

I will keep learning next year. Whatever I can: Adobe Acrobat, Wix Website builder, a new recipe, a new piano piece. Latin! I have 69 day Duolingo streak as of today.

I will keep teaching next year. Whatever I know how to teach: flute lessons, how to fold your laundry, how to play "dead dog", what's a motive in a musical composition.

And in this combination of learning and teaching, I will move forward.

But there will be at least one "I will start" - I will start this blog! I will not be afraid to write and show who I am, what I do, and why I do it. I'm the owner of the Orange Music Studio, or rather the Orange Music Studio is the owner of me. I'm building a community of the Gifted Youth generation and this what this blog is going to be about.

This blog will be shared by me and my students. We will share our perspectives and document these strange times.

Picking up music lessons could be a cool resolutions! We know just the place.

And here is to everyone's New Year's resolutions lasting at least 12 months!

Blue Jays present the fruit of the challenging task - recording separately, without seeing or hearing each other!! Drum roll!

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