Is Bach still relevant?

How 21st-century teenagers escape the Coronavirus madness...

When the word "obstacles" raises its stock so quickly, and you feel like you just can't keep up with the challenges, that are becoming so cruelly inventive, that's where the fork on the road meets you. You can succumb to them, or you can get inspired by them.

I'm inspired by them, though my inspiration is bitter and more resembles the feeling of proving someone (or something) wrong.

This video is a part of that proof, Your Honors! Please, judge us! We are ready.

The challenge of the flute choir is that we are not allowed to meet at all! Not six feet apart, not in a safe social pod, not even with negative tests! If our masks aren't on, we are at risk, if our masks are on - we can't play. But "can't play" and "want to play" are in disagreement with these 8 young musicians. Eight personalities, cultures, school districts, traditions. But one desire...Two! Make music and stay connected.

What do they deserve, if not standing ovation?!

It has been 10 years since I discovered my passion for the flute choir. My years with San Jose Youth Symphony were filled with gaining invaluable experience. Every year, I thought I got a better group, perhaps that was me growing my skills. Now, Gifted Youth, I feel that we have taken this beyond a group class and onto a path of true musicianship.

What about Bach though? Is he still relevant? 30 sec of this video will convince you that he is to these kids but give Bach 3 min 55 sec, and the soul healer, that he is - Bach will lighten your heart.

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