Happy Birthday!

Updated: Jan 22

To our Office Administrator!!!

The lady of different name-spellings and moods, but of one never-changing quality - a true friend!

The kind of supporter that doesn't scream of supporting, the kind of believer, that even when questions, still believes.

The studio would not be the same without this woman. And perhaps without her efforts and energy, there would have been no studio at all.

Ksenia, you have been there for me and for the studio for the last 10 years. Through some thickening good times and times that are as thin as present.

Through my personal hardships and all the stages of building the studio - you've been there. Through your own hardships and all the stages of studio breaking - you never stepped away. Helping, sometimes not helping. But always engaged, always making me feel, that I'm not the only one who cares. I appreciate it more than I ever let myself say. You get that. You don't share words that easily either. But you know I love you, and I know you love me! You are a part of the studio, but more interestingly - the studio is a part of you! Thank you for taking it into your heart and giving back to it so generously.

You and your family are a legacy of the studio! Your son Peter received what I can't be too shy to call an "excellent musical education"; learning under the tutelage of exceptional teachers and master teachers and making all of us proud by his musical achievements.

Tomas... I promise you, that he will never be forgotten. His scholarship will be passed on year to year to a gifted child, and at least that kid and his family will learn who Tomas Pacha was. His kindness and devotion will keep on giving! And you will witness this! I promise you! That's another motivation for me to work hard. So Tomas' name lives one. And though the wound will never heal, I hope it will bring a sadness-flavored joy to your heart.

Thank you, Ksenia-Sonia Pacha-Krugloff! I stand on the ground stronger because of you and hope you can feel the same support from me!

P.S. This is the only picture of us that exists in the span of 10 years.

P.P.S. Below find a nostalgic present.

Orioles. Russian Radio perf. 2013
Download MP3 • 18.76MB

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