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In the course of 2019-20 school year Orange Music  Studio became a part of Gifted Youth Foundation, an organization that provides young musicians with unique performing opportunities, as well as a means of expanding their music education horizons.


We will provide а professional, but also the most nurturing environment for your kids to learn music from all possible angles, not to just be able to play an instrument, but to love music, listen to music, talk about music, make music with friends, compose and arrange it, be tested and rewarded on it. The gift of music that you’re giving your children should last a lifetime, and we want to make sure it does. 

Few points to what Gifted Youth Foundation stands for and what new programs we will be offering starting Fall semester. 

What we will strive to offer: 

  • Excellent music education, professional teachers with the high art degrees. Preparations for tests, auditions, competitions, pre-college interviews. 

  • Supplementing music disciplines, such as theory, music history, chamber ensembles, solfege, choir, composition, music analysis. Learning all musical aspects for profound and well-rounded knowledge. 

  • Performing opportunities: recitals, concerts, festivals, workshops, guest appearances with other groups.  

  • A Young Artist Solo Competition with a cash prize and a chance to solo with an orchestra. 

  • Yearly Diplomas upon completion another year with GYF and college recommendation letters. 

  • Social skills. Leadership and teamwork. Big buddy/little buddy format. Opportunities for the children to receive positions of counselors, tutors, etc. but also designers, librarians, artists, marketing directors, photographers, whatever their talents are - for community hours or pay. 

  • Learning through playing. Various stimulating fun contests and theory opympiads during the year, some open to public vote. Members will have free access to Movie Nights and other recreational activities, but also will be given a chance to earn Studio Cash, that could pay for their tickets for concerts and masterclasses. 


The first program that we introduce is Music All Around - a course that includes three music disciplines for each member: Individual lesson + chamber ensemble + theory class. 


Music All Around Program


Individual lesson: - 30, 45, 60 min classes with your teacher. Many of our teachers are MTAC members and will be able to prepare your children for the state wide Certificate of Merit test, that will evaluate their musical advancements as well provide valuable points for future college applications. We will have 3 studio recitals a year, teachers will also provide tutoring for school band chair placements, youth symphony auditions and preparations for various competitions. 


Ensembles: We have quite a few  groups that have been successfully playing together and we are growing their number this year. We have a rock band class, a vocal choir, flute choirs,  a beginners band, a jazz wind ensemble, a ukulele and guitar ensemble - no matter what instrument your child is playing, there is a group that he/she will enjoy. 3 studio recitals and 3+ outreach performances. 


Theory class: In this theory class Gala Yaroshevsky, the founder and ideological force of the studio will teach kids all they need to know for the CM prep, but so much more than that. How to listen to music, how to read music without the instrument, how to analyze musical form, learn about composers and their lives.  We will have a Mock CM test and will top it off with Music History Olympics at the end of the year. Whether you child is taking CM or not, those are fundamentals to learning music and will bring nothing but benefit. 

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