Gala Yaroshevsky

Studio owner

CM Certified

My name is Gala Yaroshevsky, I’m the owner of the Orange Musiс Studio.


I’m a musician in the third generation and other branches of my family tree consist of engineers, teachers and scientists. Russian/Soviet Music school was and still considered one of the strongest in the world and I was fortunate to graduate from one of the finest examples of the Soviet Music Education system: Uspensky Music School for Gifted Children in Tashkent, the capital of now independent Uzbekistan.


Our school was and is a noticeable contributor the world’s cultural life. The alumni of that institution include names that are known to the music lovers in the whole wide world. My flute teacher, Arkadiy Malkeev, in his turn was a student of famous Yuri Dolzhikov, a student of Nikolai Platonov, a father of accepted worldwide Russian flute school.


Besides learning the instruments, we were studying all other musical disciplines, such as music history, music literature and

atheory, solfege, chamber ensembles, orchestra.

After graduating the Uspensky Music School, I entered the State Conservatory on the Presidential Scholarship, where I received my degrees in Performing Arts.

In 1997 I have made a decision of moving to United States, and my American Dream has begun. For few first years I was working in music schools, gaining the experience in training the young musicians. I am very grateful for my first employers, giving me opportunities to make first steps onto the path of my true calling. Besides teaching, I continued performing both solo and with orchestra, building a strong network of musician friends.

In 2006, after the birth of my son, I started to teach only out of my own studio, which was a converted garage of my rented home. Orange Studio - kids called it, because on one of the white walls I painted an urban landscape all in orange. The name stuck. My hard work started to pay off and my students began to win competitions and positions in prestigious youth orchestras. I was able to move into a small retail space, where maintained the growing studio for next three years, before moving into the new studio on Saratoga Ave.


In 2013 I was employed by San Jose Youth Orchestra to direct their Flute Choir program. The choir has been thriving, and in fact since then it has grown so large, that it had to be split in half. I’m grateful for this unique opportunity to influence and share with so many young musicians!


My vision for my studio is to build an environment for the young musicians similar to what I had growing up. My school was nurturing and stimulating at the same time. Music was introduced from all different angles and all other aspects of different art were studied as supplements to well-rounded cultural education.

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