Erik Abramyan


Experienced Performer and Educator and Composer Mr. Abramyan began performing at the age of 7 in his native country, The Republic of Georgia.

An outstanding musician, he has since pleased audiences in Russia, Armenia and the United States. 

Classically educated with an emphasis on jazz comprehension, Mr. Abramyan is a versatile performer and instructor.


Mr. Abramyan began teaching in our school soon after it opened and quickly became a favorite with students. His experience and passion for music combined with his personable approach make him an excellent choice for students of all ages and abilities.


"Many of my students enjoy playing jazz on the saxophone and clarinet. Rhythm and timing, mastering the major and minor scales as well as blues scales, while using proper intonation is an essential part of the learning process. A very important aspect of learning the saxophone and clarinet is creating the proper sound and tone. For more advanced saxophone and clarinet players, interpreting harmonies and chord progressions within the piece they are playing allows them to open their mind and soul." 

Erik Abramyan