Summer Camps 2016

Our Summer Camp program is unique and varies every year. The teachers use this opportunity to test new ideas and experiment with new teaching techniques. Kids are engaged in music and art activities appropriate for their age, that are designed to be a story, a quest or a project one week long. Our previous summer camps included such session as "Make your own music instrument", "Catch the Dragon Quest", "Music Time Machine" and "Rock Band". 

Rock Band Camp

Local rock and jazz musicians will come to do master classes while Gala Yaroshevsky and Juliana Tarter (the founder and the lead guitar of "Crimes of Passion" rock band) will teach the main course.

  • Form, name and rock your band.

  • Every day history of Rock-n-roll lecture.

  • Play with gadgets, learn how technology affects modern day music making.

  • Try different instruments and discover new talents.

For children age 9-13

Musical Time Machine Camp

In this camp kids will play music, dance and make costumes of all four classical music periods - Baroque, Classical, Romantic and Contemporary. No previous music training is necessary.

Very fun camp for children age 6-10.

Catch a Dragon Camp

Learn the fundamentals of music theory while making your own instruments, do arts and crafts and act in the play.

For children age 5-7.

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